Slipson Slipmet Z

velcro sanding discs

Slipson Slipmet Z

Slipmet Z velcro discs are ideal for sanding metal with hand held sanders - low alloy steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel, heat resistant steel, cast iron. Characterized by high stock removal and long life. Slipmet Z sanding discs are with Y poly-cotton cloth and velcro backing and 100% Zirconia abrasive.
In standard 125 and 150 mm discs with velcro backing to attach to various sanding backing pads.

Special sizes and designs of Slipmet Z velcro sanding discs are available on request.
Low/High alloy steel
Stainless steel
Cast iron

Slipmet Z velcro sanding discs for metal

125 and 150mm
Backing Y Poly-Cotton Cloth plus velcro
Grain Zirconia
Bonding Resin over Resin
Coating Closed
Stearate No
Grit 24-120
Color Blue

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