About us

Slipson abrasives conversion production is based in Estonia where, according to the global air quality ranking issued by the WHO, is the cleanest air in the world.

Our headquarter is located in Tartu, second largest city of Estonia, also home to the biggest and most renowned university in our country.

Slipson factory hometown is located near small city Elva, surrounded by pine trees and blue watered lakes. We are proud that we can keep windows open for fresh air, sunshine and new ideas, while having a good cup of coffee during the break between production.

From this small and beautiful country our Slipson team is ready to fulfill all your wishes that regard to abrasives.

Our abrasive conversion dates back to year 2013, when we firstly started making belts. Volumes increased quickly and in 2014 we moved to new, 4000 m2 production building in Elva. Today we have full assortment of convertible abrasive products and our production is unique in whole Estonia. We have built up professional team, using only high-quality materials and state-of-the-art machinery. Work is performed by machinery from world leaders, such as Chiesa punch and belt machinery from Biko among others. The flagship of our production is the industrial Zenna laser, unique in Northern Europe. From the tiniest 20 mm fiber discs to hundreds of meters long film-rolls for superfinishing or cloth strips to fladders, from the thinnest film to the thickest vulcanized fiber – nothing is impossible for our laser.

Products from our factory are being delivered all across Europe and to further destinations in North-America, Middle-East and South-East Asia.

Often one cannot even imagine how many and what kind of finishing possibilities and materials there are for wood and metal. Our task is to map customer’s needs, to offer different solutions and to find out together the most suitable one!

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