Slipson Slipafilm B

polyester film backing with open coating

Slipson Slipafilm B

Slipafilm B velcro discs are made of premium quality abrasive on polyester film backing with open coating. Film base backing make the discs hard to deform, perfect for wet and dry sanding, they are with good flexibility and with high temperature resistance to ensure long lifetime and high surface smoothness. The aluminium oxide grain and the stearate coating prevent clogging - giving excellent finishing in automotive, wood, marine and composite sector. In standard 150 mm discs with 15 holes and velcro backing to attach to various sanding backing pads.

Special sizes, designs and hole patterns of Slipafilm B velcro sanding discs are available on request.

Wood Industry
Composite Industry
Carbon fibers
Primer and clear coats sanding
Gel Coat Surfaces
Sanding of raw woods
Polyester paints
Acrylic and poly-acrylic solvent-based paints

Slipson Slipafilm B sanding discs

  • Polyester film backing with open coating
  • Hard to deform
  • Wet and dry sanding
  • High temperature resistance
  • Long lifetime and high surface smoothness
  • Stearate coating - no clogging
  • Velcro backing
Slipson Slipafilm B velcro sanding discs

Slipafilm B velcro sanding discs

 150mm, 15 Hole
Backing Polyester Film
Grain Aluminium Oxide
Bonding Resin
Coating Open
Stearate Yes
Grit 60-1200
Color Blue

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