Abranet Max Discs

ultimate grinding ja sanding solution 

Slipson Abranet Max

discs are performing as nothing else when it comes to grinding and sanding of aluminium, all other non-ferrous metals and composites!

The speed and stability of removal, keeping the temperature of grinding surface low, is something that no other abrasive material is able to match. Cooling effect happens due to Abranet Max polyamide symmetric net structure, that creates linear airflow between the abrasive and grinded surface.

The cut is constant and very fast as net does not clog up. Removed dust is thrown away by net - it does not lump up, melt and stick back to sanded surface. Sanding is gentle due to the elasticity and flexibility of the polyamide net.

Main benefits of Slipson Abranet Max, when used as flap-disc or quick-change disc come out, when materials with low-melting point, sensitivity to temperature rise or high-clogging properties are being worked with.

Grinding and sanding of aluminium and other soft metals with Slipson Abranet Max flap discs is experience that shifts the standards – non loading, fast cutting, durable and with cooling effect!

Slipson Abranet Max flap disc

Image of the face of a 1/2" aluminium rod after 30 seconds of grinding using grit 40 Slipson Abranet Max flap disc. Clear indication of non melting and bur free grinding with excellent finish. Work piece barely reached 200 °C.

Ceramic flap disc

Image of the face of a 1/2" aluminium rod after 30 seconds of grinding using grit 40 ceramic flap disc. Melting clearly visible. Work piece reached temperature of over 400 °C.
Metal Fabrication
Ship Building
All other non-ferrous metals
Carbon Fiber

Why Slipson Abranet Max flap discs as grinding and sanding solution?

This is why:

  • Made using Abranet Max by Mirka - the new generation of sanding abrasive
  • Non-Loading
  • Fast & stable removal
  • Blue fired aluminium oxide grain gives a high performance & cut rate
  • Cooling effect
  • Extreme long lifetime compared to conventional abrasive
  • Saves Times & money - one step finishing solution to reduce cost
  • Practical
  • Lightweight
  • Bonding: resin over resin
  • Coating: closed

Slipson Abranet Max Discs

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We can develop Abranet Max into full converted products portfolio to support your sales to new and existing business sectors!

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Slipson Abranet Max discs 

available as:

Abranet Max Flap discs
Abranet Max Mini flap discs
with quick change backing
Quick Change
Abranet Max discs
Size 115 mm /  4 ½ " 25 mm / 1" (not available for flaps discs)
38 mm / 1 ½” (not available for flap discs)
125 mm / 5" 50 mm / 2"
180 mm / 7" 75 mm / 3"
Type T 27
(available with 22,23 mm and M 14 center holes)
R style (plastic)
T 29
(available with 22,23 mm and M 14 center holes)
S style (metal or plastic)
Grit range 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240
Backing Plastic or Fiberglass

Slipson Abranet Max also available as spindle mounted flap wheels!

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