Slipson Slipafast

paper backing with semi-open coating

Slipson Slipafast

Slipson offers Slipafast velcro sanding discs and sheets on paper backing with semi-open coating and wide range of hole patterns for dust extraction. Stearate coating prevent clogging. With velcro backing to attach to various sanding backing pads. Slipafast discs and sheets are to be used for general freehand sanding and grinding and for use with handheld power tools. Perfect for applications like paint, varnish, filler, wood, plastic etc.
Special sizes, designs and hole patterns available on request.


Slipafast velcro sanding discs:

  • Paper backing
  • Semi-open coating
  • Stearate coating - no clogging
  • Wide range of hole patterns
Slipafast velcro sanding discs

Slipson Slipafast velcro sanding discs and sheets 

available as:

Standard discs Standard sheets
Diameter in mm 125 mm 150 mm 81 x 133 mm
Hole pattern
8+1 H
8+1 H
8 Hole sheet
No hole disc
14+1 H
16+1 H
Multihole 100 H
Grit 40-320

Slipson Slipafast Features

Backing C-weight paper (grit 40-120)
B-weight paper (grits 150-400)
Grain Aluminium Oxide
Bonding Resin
Coating Semi-open
Stearate Yes
Grit 40-400
Color Beige

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