Abralon J3 belts
by Slipson

sanding solution for ultrafine finish

Abralon J3 belts

made by Slipson are unique and perfect sanding solution for ultrafine finish, ideal for tackling both smooth and profiled surfaces.

Abralon J3 flexible construction allows it to create a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces and edges while minimizing the risk of pressure marks. Its flexible weave also allows water and air to pass freely, making it perfect also for wet sanding.

Belts made from Mirka Abralon J3 are recommended for high gloss applications and metal surface finishing, leaving a very smooth surface prior to polish. Abralon J3 itself is with silicon carbide grain on super fine net coating and knitted fabric on foam as backing. The foam layer is only 3mm thick but with very high density.

Slipson Abralon belts are all with special sophisticated tape joint, standard width from 6 to 300 mm.
But Abralon J3 narrow belt in width only 6 mm? Yes, it's also possible! We can make Abralon J3 belts in very different sizes, even width 6 mm is easy for us to produce! Such very narrow mini belts are perfect solution when you are working with compact air belt sanders to sand small and hard to reach areas.

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sanding solution for ultrafine finish

  • Unique sanding solution!
  • Ultrafine finish
  • For profiled and smooth surfaces
  • Flexible construction - no pressure marks
  • Wet and dry sanding
  • Ideal for metal surface finishing and high gloss applications
  • Perfect for compact air belt sanders to sand small and hard to reach areas
  • Custom solutions available!
Slipson Abralon J3 belts

Slipson Abralon belts

available as:

Grain Silicone carbide
Grit range 180-4000
Foam density 62 kg/m2
Foam thickness 3 mm
Backing Knitted fabric on foam
Color Grey

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